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Emmanuel Orphanage is a home for the destitute was founded by Bro. Chackochan Edayal and is running under Emmanuel Christian Charitable society (E.C.C.S), Angamaly,Kerala, India.

wheather they are born/ unborn. If you do not want him/her, give them to us.
We will make them us our own children.
If you have an unwanted  pregnency or child,
Please call us. Ph :+91- 484 - 2454203,


  Medical Aid  
We are in a fast gowing world. Technologies are advancing, human inteligence has reached higher leavels, diseases are being treated with latest technologies, new hospitals and diagnostic centres are coming up.
What's the role for the poor in all these? There are many people around us who cann't visit even a government hospital, afford to buy medicine which cost them Rs.5 or 10 for recovering from their suffering, and has been suffering since long. What can we do to make them visit a clinic? buy medicine for their treatment?
This is where we thought we should stretch out our hands wider and liberal. Money should not be a concern for the poor and the abandoned to get relief fom their pains and suffeings. So we are doing our best to help the poorest of the poor and make a ground for others to join us in this venture.
Our Strategies 
Collecting sample and unwanted medicines from other medical representatives,    doctors, hospital staffs and other people.
Collect money among the people for purchasing medicines.
Arrange sponsorships to poor patients for their medical treatments.
Arranging financial aid to poor patients for operations, essential medical check-up    etc..
Supply free food to the poor patients and bye-standers, whether they are hospitalised or not.
We are distributing all these resources to the deserved persons from the poorest  of the poor.


Blood Donation
Suicide Prevention
Abortion Prevention
Medical Aid

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