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Emmanuel Orphanage is a home for the destitute was founded by Bro. Chackochan Edayal and is running under Emmanuel Christian Charitable society (E.C.C.S), Angamaly,Kerala, India.

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Date of Birth- 13/07/1995 Akhil Antony was born to Edmond and Sarakutty in 13/07/1995 in a place known as Thevara, in Ernakulum Dist. of Kerala, India. While he was a little child his mother died .There are two opinions among the people about the death of Akhil’s mother. Some say that his father Edmond who was a heavy drunkard murdered her where as the others say that she was committed suicide. Edmond and Sarakutty have two children, Akhil and Athul. Their father did not take care even the physical needs of these little children and were being persecuted mentally and physically after the death of their mother. These things were brought into the notice of the organization known as “Child Lane” and they enquired about the truthfulness of the facts they were given. And it was convincing to them what they heard. They in turn handed over these children to Emmanuel Bhavan Orphanage. Later, we heard that Edmond died due to liver desease. Today they both are the inmates of Emmanuel Orphanage, living peacefully and comfortably with others. Akhil is studying in11th standard.


Blood Donation
Suicide Prevention
Abortion Prevention
Medical Aid

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