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  Suicide Prevention  
Reasons why you should not suicide:
There are many reasons why you should not kill yourself. Consider these and seek the help and support you need to resist any suicidal urges.
Our Strategies 
I deserve to live and there is somebody who loves me. 
My life has value, whether or not I can see it right now. 
The abuse I experienced was not my fault. 
I didn't choose to be battered. 
Life is precious. 
My abusers were and are wrong. 
I will feel better eventually. 
Each time I confront my despair I will get stronger. 
If I die I will never again feel love, trust, or gratitude. 
If I die I will never again see kindness and compassion in another's eyes.
If I die I will never again see the sunlight streaming through the leaves of trees, or    a bird take flight, or feel the warmth of the sun in winter.
The seconds do pass and even if it feels like time has become an unbearable weight, I only have to endure this second.
I have already won - I had the resilience, courage and will to survive.
I have the resilience, courage and will to keep on surviving.
The will to live is a priceless gift.
My inner child needs me, she/he has no one else and her/his need is so great and    she/he deserves more than anyone to be healed and comforted.
I owe it to myself to survive.
If I die I will negate the significance of my suffering and the incredible endurance I    have shown.
 I already have the skills to find my healing path; I have proven this over and over    again.
 I can help fight the scourge of abuse for others. My survival is a testament.
I understand the meaning of suffering, and agony deepens the heart.
 I deserve the peace that will come after this battle is won, and it will be won.
I will come to show that even though my abusers had the power, strength and    ruthless cunning, even though I was a helpless, innocent, dependent child, I  have beaten them.
I am angry that I have to suffer this pain.
Myths and Facts about Suicide 
" People who talk about suicide do not commit suicide. "

" Suicide happens without warning ."

" Suicidal people are fully intent on dying. Nothing can stop them. "

" All suicidal individuals are mentally ill "

" Talking about suicide may give someone the idea. "
The majority of people who attempt suicide do or say something to express their intention before they act. Statements like, "I wish I was dead" or " You'll be sorry when I'm gone," are likely.

Suicidal persons give many clues and warnings - both verbal and non-verbal - regarding their suicidal intentions.

Even the most severely depressed person has ambivalent feelings  about suicide. Suicidal people do not want to die, they just want their pain to end. If allowed to explore their feelings, with empathy and acceptance, without intruding into their dignity, most suicidal people feel that their pain is lessened. In time, suicidal feelings might dissipate and the person returns to active life.

Most people undergoing suicidal feelings are healthy individuals. They may be upset, grief-stricken, depressed or despairing, but are not necessarily suffering from mental illness.

Openly addressing the subject shows a willingness to help and is the first step towards providing help. Talking with someone about his or her suicidal feelings that were already there can lead to a lightening of painful thoughts. Self-destructive feelings, if absent, will NOT be introduced just by talking about suicide.
Facts about Suicide in Kerala
Suicide rate in Kerala is consistently high and almost three times India's average.
In a day, about 26 persons take their lives - of them 18 are men and 8 are  women.
From 1995 to 2003, suicide incidence rose by 17.8%; suicide rate rose by 9.6%.
Overall male-female ratio is 73:27. Male suicide rate rising since 1996.
Significant variation among districts - Idukki tops in suicide proneness.
Eight districts register suicide rates higher than state average - These are Idukki, Wayanad,Kollam, Thrissur,  Palakkad, Thiruvananthapuram, Pathanamthitta and Kannur.
80% of suicidal deaths in Kerala take place among the age group of 15-59 yrs.
As many as 106 suicidal deaths among children below 14 years.
Suicide proneness among elder persons is acute.
10. Among children below 14 years, incidence among girls exceeds that among boys.
Suicide proneness is high among young women of the age group 15-29 yrs. Male-Female
ratio for that age group is 58:42 (overall ratio is 70:30)
Middle aged men of 45-59 yrs too are highly suicide prone. Male-Female ratio for that age
group is 77:23.


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Suicide Prevention
Abortion Prevention
Medical Aid

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